Poop Squad

"I have been a client of Nick's for over a year and love the service! He is reliable, easy to work with and takes PayPal, so I never have to be around. He just stops by and cleans up monthly. I would recommend this service to anyone with pets."

- Loyal Customer

"Nick Ryan of The Poop Squad has provided our yard clean up service for almost a year now and we couldn't be more pleased with the incredible job he does. We've never written a testimonial before, but we are so pleased that we are compelled to do so. We have 3 large dogs and yard clean up was getting to be too much to keep up with, but we didn't think we could afford to hire someone. It was expensive, we'd have to sign a contract before even knowing what kind of service we'd get, and we never knew who was going to show up or when. We weren't comfortable hiring any of these companies. Luckily, we found The Poop Squad.

"The Poop Squad is owned and operated solely by Nick because he truly cares about quality service and wants to ensure that the job is done to his high standards. In this day of big business and franchising, it's hard to find a company as dedicated to quality service as The Poop Squad. Not only is Nick prompt, personable, dependable, trustworthy and amazingly thorough, his prices are so reasonable that we were able to afford twice-a-week service. Thanks to Nick, our yard is clean, odor and fly free and we couldn't be happier! No more arguing, “whose turn is it?” We're not personal friends nor are we related, we're simply very, very pleased customers."

- Tim & Bonnie W.

"We have 5 dogs, so having Nick around has been wonderful. Aside from the fact that he's not too bad to look at, he's also become pretty much indispensable. It's sort of like, well, a microwave. One of those things that, if you stop to ponder for a second, you're not quite sure how you ever lived without. Our little pack can't live without the Poop Squad and we'd highly recommend their services to anyone!"

- Jen

Poop Squad

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